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The SPC-2 is designed to easily monitor and control CO2 enrichment. Just set it and forget it. This appliance is recommended for indoor use only.


The SPC-2 samples the air and determines the concentration of CO2 in PPM. Then when indicated by your set point values (desired PPM CO2 and elevation), the unit will activate CO2 enrichment equipment plugged into the piggy back cord. The SPC-2 has a fixed hysteresis (differential) of 20 PPM.

EXAMPLE With a CO2 set point of 1000 PPM, the unit will activate (turn "ON") whenever concentrations fall below 1000 PPM and continued to control and allow your CO2 equipment to enrich your environment until it detects about 1020 PPM. The SPC-1 is a reactive CO2 controller and the PPM concentration of CO2 will float above 1020 PPM after defeating enrichment equipment (overshoot). NOTE: Depending on individual enclosure characteristics and air circulation as well as location placement of the monitor this factor will vary. The average swing for enrichment response is 50 to 100 ppm which is actually a more desirable enrichment refresh frequency.

• Set and Forget; Easy to install and operate
• Factory calibrated and inspected for precision performance
• Preset hysteresis (differential) of 20 PPM
• Photo Sensor to defeat CO2 enrichment at night (dark)
• Large LED display offers real-time CO2 PPM
• Orange LED to indicate when CO2 enrichment is active
• Elevation adjustment feature for improved accuracy
• Fully integrable with other atmospheric controllers or timers
• Durable aluminum chassis resists rusting, corrosion and scratching
• Red illuminated power switch
• 14 AWG, SJTW rated power cord
• Two output outlets
• Operates on 120 VAC at 60 Hz, 12 Amp switching capacity
• Manufactured in Oregon, USA

NOTE: Use in a photo sensitive enclosure - The SPC-2 is perfect for monitoring and controlling CO2 enrichment in indoor gardens and greenhouses. This unit was specifically designed so the light emitted from the LED display and 'ACTIVE' indicator is not enough nor in the appropriate spectrum to affect plant growth and/or plant development in any way. You do not need to cover these light sources.

CO2 Control Range: 0-2000 PPM
CO2 Monitoring Range: 0-5000 PPM
Fixed Hysteresis (Differential): 20 PPM
Elevation Range: 0-10,000 Feet
Accuracy: +5% (100 PPM)
Gas Sampling Method : Diffusion
Response Time: ~2 Minutes
Operating Temperature:   32-120 ºF (0-49ºC)
Operating Humidity: Non-Condensing Environment (0-95%)
Operating Voltage: 120 VAC
Max Load Contact Voltage: 120 VAC
Max Load Contact Amperage Rating: 12 AMPS
Frequency : 60 Hz
Calibration Interval: 12 months
Weight : 2 Lbs (0.9 Kg)
Dimensions: W x H x D : 4in x 57/8in x 2¼in (10cm x 15cm x 6cm)
Power Cord : 9-ft , 14 awg, SJTW rated

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