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Instruction for Natural Gas (NG) use
and altitude adjustment

Adjusting Orifice Nozzle
MUST be done before NG use

This model of the IR generator has an adjustable nozzle which enables it to be used for propane (LP)
or natural gas (NG). Your unit likely came LP ready. To use with NG a simple adjustment is necessary.
Best done with the generator sitting on a table or floor for ease of access. With the cooling tubes
removed, use the tube holes to get to the orifices. Turn the orifice hex 1/2 turn right (clockwise). Turn
only the red orifice tip not the fitting itself. Use the wrench that came with your generator or any
9/16 or 14mm wrench suitable. Make similar adjustment to each of the burners. After the initial setting
turn on the generator and inspect the flame for appropriate size. An ideal flame will be a low profile
even burn that ignites quickly and transfers ignition to the adjacent burners within aproximately 30
seconds. The flame should be an even, steady, clean blue and the ceramic will turn red after a minute
or two. If further adjustment is necessary, very slight corrections are required. Once it is lit you can
make subtle adjustments while running if you don’t mind the heat your hands will be exposed to.
There is no regulator necessary for NG when used with a typical household utility. Set aside the LP
tank regulator and use the 1/2 inch pipe fitting (included) to connect to your gas source. Use a pipe
compound when connecting to gas line. DO NOT use teflon tape. DO NOT use anything on brass to
brass hose connections.

When the orifice head is fully seated on the nozzle
fuel flows thru the pre-set LP orifice. When the
orifice head is opened additional fuel is allowed
past the seat to increase flame size.

This adjustment can also be used to make slight fuel increase for high altitude applications, however the IR model generator is less sensitive to elevation variations and is usually not necessary.