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Carbon Dioxide Generator Gas Conversion Instructions

1. Lay generator on its right side with bottom toward you. Remove bottom plate by removing phillips-head screws.

2. Remove the two screws and nuts holding the valve assembly mounting bracket to the left housing side piece.

3. Remove the housing left side screws, front and back, and lift side off with burners attached.

4. Unscrew 3/8” fitting on thermocouple lead where attached to bottom of the safety valve.

5. Remove retainer clip on top of the thermocouple. Lower thermocouple out of the pilot head. Unscrew pilot head while holding pilot orifice with 1/2 end wrench. Remove pilot orifice while holding pipe securely with pipe wrench. Re-install new pilot orifice using pipe sealant (Loctite 565 is recommended).

6. Remove the existing brass burner orifice(s) from burner pipe or manifold and install the new burner orifices using pipe sealant (do not use Teflon tape).

7. Re-install the pilot head keeping it in line with valve body, even if you have to turn one more time full turn to get it tight. Re-install thermocouple to pilot head and safety valve.

8. Install side of housing and then the two screws and nuts for the valve assembly mounting bracket. Fasten bottom plate back in position.

9. Install the proper pressure regular for the gas being used, either to propane tank or incoming gas service supply line.

10. With gas “On” and switch “Off” test all fittings for leaks using soapy water (25% liquid dish soap to 75% water). Bubbles will appear if leaks are present.

Basic Valve Assembly
(Typical model CD-3)

1. Hose to pipe adapter
2. Safety valve
3. Thermocouple
4. Pilot burner head
5. Pilot orifice
6. Solenoid valve
7. Burner orifice
8. 12 vdc power

Converting a CO2 generator from propane to natural gas or vice-versa involves changing the pilot and burner orifices and the gas regulator. This involves a conversion kit and partial disassembly of the unit. We strongly recommend that you have this service performed by the manufacturer or one of its authorized repair stations. Should you decide to undertake this modification yourself be advised that you are tampering with flammable gas connections and the manufacturer or its representatives will not be liable and warranty obligations by the manufacturer may be void. Contact your dealer or the manufacturer at 1-800-669-2113 to arrange for conversion services.