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COmmonly asked questions



What should a properly burning pilot light look like?

The pilot should be a strong, small blue flame almost invisible in daylight. You should be able to hear it hiss a little. If the flame is lazy or there is any red or yellow in the flame, it is not ideal.

What should my burner flame look like?

Basically the same flame characteristic stated in the pilot description hold true for the burner flame. Clean blue flame. There should be no smoke or black soot. If there is then the flame is lacking oxygen is. Check to see that the burner tube and oxygen holes are clear and clean. If the flame is way too big it may be that you are trying to operate a NG model on LP (see below). If the flame is too small there may be something blocking the burner orifice. Remove the orifice and blow out or wash with soap and water. You can try to clear the hole with a piece of very small wire but do not enlarge the hole even a little because that will change the fuel ratio and cause a yellow flame.

Is my regulator propane or natural gas?

The propane generator comes with a high pressure propane regulator intended for portable LP tanks such as might be used with a backyard barbecue. It has a threaded brass fitting called a POL to attach to the tank outlet. It reduces the high compressed gas tank pressure down to a low pressure and flow rate.

             Propane                            Natural Gas

The natural gas model generator is furnished with a low pressure second stage regulator. It is intended to connect an appliance to existing gas plumbing such as a water heater would be. Usually there is a first stage regulator at the street or where the utility enters the building. It can also be set for use as a second stage regulator for propane. This means that the storage tank already has a high pressure regulator up-line usually directly on the tank outlet. This is common when large stationary storage tanks are used.

How can I tell if my unit is natural gas (NG) or propane (LP)?

There is a metalized sticker on the inside back wall of the generator to indicate the type of gas it is set up for. It may have been converted from it's original manufacture version in which case this label may be wrong. If the burner and pilot orifices are red they are natural gas. If they are brass color they are LP.