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CO2 Monitor Controllers


Research laboratories and universities have proven that increased levels of carbon dioxide will greatly improve plant growth. Plant metabolism is regulated primarily by the availability of the essential requirements - light, nutrients, water, humidity, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide. If any of these basic necessities are deficient or limited, then the growth rate of your indoor plants will be limited.

CO2 combines with water, nutrients and light energy through photosynthesis to produce sugars (food). These sugars provide energy to manufacture plant tissues for new growth. When CO2 levels are inadequate or inconsistent, plant growth diminishes, health and vitality decline, and crop yield is reduced.

Green Air Products offers systems that monitor and control CO2 levels. When used in conjunction with our CO2 generators or bottled CO2 and the right atmospheric control equipment, indoor and greenhouse growers will see a dramatic improvement in growth, quality and yield.

All products manufactured in Oregon.

  • CDMC-6 CO2 Controller


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    The CDMC-6 is the most sophisticated and versatile CO2 monitor/controller available today. It uses artificial intelligence logic programming to determine the unique characteristics of your enclosure to prevent overshooting by your CO2 producing equipment and maximize on efficiency and economy. It still remains a popular choice for those whom money is not a limiting factor. The sensor can be placed remote from the controller allowing better access to plant zone and CO2 equipment. For more explanation of its enhanced features click on link below. Click on the image at the bottom of the page to go to the CDMC-6 product page.

    The CDMC-6 can be special ordered 220v or 240v - 50 or 60 hz for international use.

    CDMC-6 User Manual

    CDMC-6 Installation Diagram

    Additional information on the CDMC-6

    CO2 Generator Installation Diagram

    CO2 Monitor Calibration



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