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CDMC-6 (CDDS-2 and CDM-6000)


A quick calibration verification can be done by supplying the CDM-6000 with outside air and letting the reading stabilize. CO2 concentrations in outside air are typically between 350 and 450 PPM. To adjust the calibration, follow the procedure below. Avoid breathing on the sensor during calibration.

1. Unplug the patch cord (RJ-14 phone cord) from the bottom of the CDM-6000.
2. Remove the front cover of the unit. Locate the black adjustment buttons and the JP jumper pins (see diagram below). The jumper-shorting block should be parked on the two JP5 pins.
3. Plug the CDM-6000 back into the CDDS-2 using the patch cord; allow two minutes for the reading to stabilize.
4. Pull the shorting block from the JP5 pins and move it to the two JP2 pins.
5. Locate the version sticker on the chip in the upper left hand corner of the board.
If the sticker displays “V600AL”, the “ACTIVATED” LED light on the CDM-6000 should be solid green (Please contact Green Air Products if the light is not lit at all).
If the version sticker displays “V001L or V001P”, the “ACTIVATED” LED should be blinking in calibration mode (Please contact Green Air Products if the light is not lit at all).
6. Now check the reading on the CDDS-2 LED screen. The reading should be between 350-450. If not, use the ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ buttons (see diagram below) to adjust the reading. Do not hold down the ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’ buttons. Press either button, then allow it to scale before pressing again as there is a slight delay (scale moves about 10 PPM with each press).
7. When the proper value is set, remove the shorting block from the JP2 pins, and place it back on the two JP5 pins.
The green ‘ACTIVATED’ light on the CDM-6000 will now blink. This process will save the new PPM value and reset the unit.
8. Wait 2-5 minutes to ensure adjustments are within 350-450 range before re-installing the cover.

SPC-1 Calibration Procedure

Please note that this unit has been factory calibrated and double inspected before leaving our facility. You do not need to calibrate a new unit. Most units do need to be recalibrated for about 4-5 years.

Take the unit outside where you can plug it in. Make sure the unit is on and has had time to stabilize (1-2 minutes). Hold down the ↓ button for 5 seconds. The display will read “uCal”. If you enter this mode by accident, turn the unit “off” then back “on” using the red power switch to exit calibration. Now press and hold both the ↑ and ↓ buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Current C02 value will be displayed. Use the ↑ and ↓ buttons to adjust reading to 400-450.
After 5-10 seconds the unit will automatically return to normal functioning mode.

To identify if a patch cord is proper note drawing below.

Hold cord end for end and match wire colors like shown. This should be the right 4 wire cord