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CO2 Information


CO2 Emitters


CO2 GENERATOR SPECS CHART Go here to determine the size and model generator for your enclosure

GENERATOR INSTALLATION AND OPERATING PROCEDURE will show you how to operate the thing

CO2 GENERATOR INSTALLATION DIAGRAM This shows you how to hook it up to the other controls to synchronize the CO2 enrichment with your ventilation.

CO2 COMMON ASKED QUESTIONS is some clarification in general

MULTI-FUEL ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTIONS How to convert from LP to NG fuel or vice-versa. Also adjust flame size for altitude or just because you want to

CO2 GENERATOR TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE opps ..... sorry if you need to go here. Go here to see how to by-pass a faulty on/off switch.

GAS CONVERSION INSTRUCTIONS Should you need to convert your generator from LP (propane) to NG (natural gas) or vice-versa you will need to purchase the optional conversion kit. It includes a gas regulator and the necessary pilot and burner orifices. This link will demonstrate that. However, we don't really suggest you do this conversion yourself so for the price of the parts and shipping we will do the conversion labor free. Just give us a call for a work order and RA number. Not only will we convert it, but we will check everything and clean it real pretty.
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