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  • BCDE-1 Bottled Carbon Dioxide Emitter


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    Package includes 1 CO2 bottle regulator with tank pressure gauge (indicates remaining gas) and flow gauge (rate of discharge 8 to 30 cfh), 120 VAC solenoid valve, and 10 ft of clear plastic tube.

    For those who wish to time their bottled CO2 the CYCLESTAT-4P offers metering as low as 5 sec of "ON" time and 7 minutes of "OFF" time with the ability to reset itself to the beginning of its cycle after the area was vented by a thermostat, humidity or timer. Green Air Products regulators are capable of emitting high flow rates of CO2 to quickly and accurately replenish atmospheric enrichment to optimum values.

    The diagram shows the BCDE-1 mounted on a compressed CO2 tank and plugged into a Cyclestat-4P repeat cycle timer to function the emitter cycles.

    Here we see the BCDE-1 emitter system plugged into a Cyclestat-4P repeat cycle timer which is operated by the defeat side of a CT-DH-3 atmospheric controller to coordinate CO2 enrichment with your exhaust functions. The CT-DH-3 will defeat CO2 when exhaust fans are on.



    pdf BCDE user manual lr 2016.pdf (438.3 KB)


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