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CO2 Emitters
Bottled carbon dioxide emitter systems offer the small grower the benefits of enhanced growth. Providing bottled CO2 is much more costly than generators per cu ft of CO2, therefore we must use equipment that has been designed to be exacting in its release of CO2 in relationship to the size and requirements of the enclosure. Please note the time charge graphs shown below. This graph will save you hundreds of dollars in wasted CO2. For those who wish to be very exacting with their atmospheric concentrations of CO2 we offer a infrared CO2 monitor controller. This device will add CO2 only when required and keep the level at your predetermined enrichment value throughout the daylight period.

Package includes 1 CO2 bottle regulator with tank pressure gauge(indicates remaining gas) and flow gauge (rate of discharge 8 to 30 cfh), 120 VAC solenoid valve, and 15 ft of clear plastic tube. Solenoid also available in 12 VDC.

For those who wish to time their bottled CO2 the CYCLESTAT-4P offers metering as low as 5 sec of "ON" time and 7 minutes of "OFF" time with the ability to reset itself to the beginning of its cycle after the area was vented by a thermostat, humidity or timer. Green Air Products regulators are capable of emitting high flow rates of CO2 to quickly and accurately replenish atmospheric enrichment to optimum values. The diagram shows the BCDE-1 mounted on a compressed CO2 tank and plugged into a Cyclestat-4P repeat cycle timer to function the emitter cycles.

Here we see the BCDE-1 emitter system plugged into a Cyclestat-4P repeat cycle timer which is operated by the defeat side of a CT-DH-3 atmospheric controller to coordinate CO2 enrichment with your exhaust functions. The CT-DH-3 will defeat CO2 when exhaust fans are on.

For even more accurate enrichment substitute the CYCLESTAT-4P with one of our CO2 monitor controllers (SPC-1 or CDMC-6) for the ultimate control of CO2 enrichment. The CO2 monitor controller will automatically maintain the proper CO2 levels continuously and coordinate CO2 enrichment with your exhaust functions. This system is plugged into the CT-DH-3 atmospheric controller and will defeat CO2 during darkness periods and while exhaust fans are on. See CO2 monitors for further details.

Carbon Dioxide Flow Chart for Emitter Systems (to determine minutes of operation)
1000 ppm (B) Flow in Cu Ft / Hr

A. Total cubic ft. of the enclosure as determined by the formula (L x W x H)
B. Rate of flow as started on the emitter regulator
C. The time it takes to charge the enclosure expressed in minutes.


Select the CO2 flow rate and minutes of operation that will give you the proper ppm of CO2 for your growing area. Next, find the value that corresponds to these two settings in the Carbon Dioxide Tank Cycles Chart and multiply that number by your tank size.

Example: From the Carbon Dioxide Flow Chart for Emitter Systems you determine that you need 15 cubic feet per hour of CO2 at 6 minutes of "on" time. From the chart above the cross reference for these settings is a factor of 5.83. To determine the maximum number of cycles your tank will accommodate, multiply your tank weight* by 5.83. If you have a 20lb tank the total number of cycles possible from a full tank would be 117 (20 x 5.83). 1% CO2 equals 10,000 ppm

* Tank weight refers to the actual weight of liquid CO2 in the cylinder and not the weight of the empty tank. A standard 20lb. tank therefore, has 20 pounds of liquid CO2 in the cylinder. 20 lbs is equal to 180 cu. ft. of CO2. Some standard tank sizes are 10, 20, 35 and 50 pounds. Even, if you do not have a standard size tank, this method will work to determine the maximum number of cycles possible.

CO2 tanks come in 10 and 20 lb sizes. The tank is rated by the weight of the gas the tank will hold. There is approximately 9 cu.ft. in a pound of CO2, so a 10 lb tank holds 90 cu.ft. of CO2.