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Control Stat Series

Atmospheric Controllers / Temperature and Humidity

Green Air Products has designed a complete line of atmospheric controllers. We are certain one of them is right for you. They are designed to monitor temperature and humidity, and operate fans, air conditioning, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and misting systems etc. Our controls are mounted in brush finish anodized aluminum housings which provide superior resistance to corrosive humid atmospheres for years of dependable service. Illuminated switches and function indicator lights mounted in a black housing with an easy to read white dial face make our equipment an attractive addition to your system. Green Air Products atmospheric controllers are designed to easily plug into wall outlets or each other for easy installation. All controllers are fully assembled and ready to use and no hard wiring is required. Green Air Products uses only high quality UL listed components chosen to meet the specialized needs of a greenhouse or grow room climate. Most of our controllers are dual function and designed to work alone as an independent control or connect to other controls to simultaneously coordinate other functions. Generally the controllers operate on 110 volts, however, units that operate at 240 volts may be specified by adding 240V to the model number (i.e. Temp-H/C-240V).

The Control Stat Series are generally single function independent controllers. Of course they may be inter-plugged in a variety of combination's or connected to most of our other controller to achieve an unlimited array of control scenarios.


The Temp-H/C Temperature Controller is our most recent development in temperature control. It is switchable between heat and cool. Designed specifically for the control of plant growth and related environments. Perfect for plant zone environments, reptile habitats or any other application requiring automatic switching of heating and cooling equipment. The black anodized aluminum enclosure is durable and attractive and will never corrode or discolor from hot, cold or humid environments. Has a 3º differential. This control operates AC, exhaust fans, evaporative coolers, heaters or other temperature equipment by activating switches, motors, valves or pumps. Temperature range 40º to 110º F (5º to 45º C)


The combination plug/receptacle power cord receives power when the atmospheric temperature varies from your preset level. The sensor allows a 3º comfort zone between "on" and "off" functions. Simply plug the Temp H/C into a standard 120 volt outlet and plug your equipment into the combination outlet on the backside of the power plug. Set the dial to your setpoint and when that level is reached the control will either heat or cool depending on your mode switch to adjust temperature 3º and shut off. 15 amp maximum. Can be ordered for 240 volt - 50 or 60 hz

The TEMP H/C-3 provides a tight zone to maintain temperature. Specialty plants, rooting beds, reptile cages, or other close tolerance environments may benefit from this feature.

The 10 foot remote bulb sensor is available and may be uncoiled and placed in optimum location for most accurate temperature sensing.

Typical installation example:


This is our new improved THC. It has a regular power cord and two regular outlets. It also has a extra sturdy housing. It is such popular product we wanted to make it even better. The humidity controller is designed specifically for the control of plant growth and related environments. Easy to set and operate. The aluminum enclosure provides a durable and attractive housing which will never corrode or discolor from hot, cold or humid environments. The large dial face is easy to read and adjust. This unit can be used independently or as part of a combination of control devices to coordinate numerous atmospheric functions. This controller can be switch from humidify to dehumidify with a stroke of the finger.

Control humidity automatically and accurately with Green Air Products Total Humidity Controller. The THC can be switched between humidify and dehumidify for removing unwanted atmospheric moisture accumulating within an enclosed area or to add needed moisture to the air by means of humidification. The THC-1 humidity switch controls humidity equipment by providing power when humidity varies from the adjustable set point.
In the dehumidifying mode high humidity conditions will activate fans or other dehumidifying apparatus until level drops approximately 7% in relative humidity. At this point dehumidifying equipment is disabled until humidity increases again 7%.

In the humidifying mode this control operates fogging or other humidifying equipment by activating switches, motors, valves or pumps. Humidifiers can be precisely controlled according to atmospheric humidity to create ideal conditions for any environment. The 110V outlet receptacle receives power when atmospheric moisture content becomes less then your preset minimum allowable percentage.
Switches 120V at 15 amp maximum. Sensor allows a 7% (differential) comfort zone between "on" and "off" functions.

If your humidifier or dehumidifier already has a humidity control, turn it to full on position and set the humidity dial to your minimum desired level. The THC-1 can also be used with many other types of humidity equipment or any other electrically triggered appliances.
Can be ordered for 240 volt - 50 or 60 hz


The RHC-1 Relative Humidity Controller is our most recent development in total humidity control. It is switchable between humidify and dehumidify. The RHC-1 has a built- in onboard sensor which is accurate within +/- 3% with a set differential of 5%. Perfect for plant zone environments, reptile habitats, or just about any application requiring accurate response and control.
Plug your humidity equipment into the 120 volt 3 prong piggy-back cord.
The RHC controller is universal and will work with 120v, 220v, or 240v - 50 or 60 hz automatically.

Here is an explanation of how this controller is programmed to perform. It has a dead ban (differential or hysteresis as you prefer) of 5%. This is the amount of humidity it will correct between coming On and going Off.

Dehumidifying mode: if your setpoint is 50% the controller will come On at 55% and bring the humidity back down to your desired 50% setpoint. So that is a 5% allowance above your optimum setting.

Humidifying mode: if your setpoint is 50% the controller will come on at 45% and raise your humidity to your setpoint of 50%.


• Microprocessor controlled for improved accuracy
• Scale of operation between 5 and 95% Very accurate control between 20-80% RH.
• Relative humidity with built-in temperature compensation
• Perfect for fogged gardens and greenhouses
• Humidify or dehumidify with the"push of a button"
• Fully integrable with other atmospheric controls & timers
• Available with "on-board" humidity sensor or 20-foot patch-cord with "remote" sensor
• Anodized, black, aluminum chassis resists rusting, corrosion & scratching
• Red, illuminated power switch
• 14 AWG, SJTW rated, piggy-back power cord
• Operates on 120 VAC with 15 Amp switching capacity
• 30 Amp relay for reliability
• Manufactured in Oregon, USA

• Humidity Range: 5-95% RH
• Humidity Differential: 5% RH
• Operating Temperature: 32-120ºF (0-50ºC)
• Operating Humidity: Non-Condensing Environment (0-95% RH)
• Voltage Input: 120 VAC
• Voltage Output: 120 VAC
• Max Amperage Rating: 15 AMPS
• Frequency: 60 Hz
• Dimensions: 4” Wide x 5-7/8” High x 2¼” Deep (10cm x 15cm x 6cm)
• Power Cord: 6-ft, piggy-back 14 awg, SJTW rated
• External Sensor Connection (if used): Std RJ-11 patchcord

The controller is to be connected by a standard 115 VAC NEMA 5-15 plug and socket. Units may have an optional plug in sensor or an integral sensor. The controller is enclosed in a corrosion proof anodized aluminum enclosure. The enclosure is capable of being wall mounted. The controller has power and on indicators. The control has a switch to select humidify and dehumidify functions.

TYPE OF CONTROL: The control may be switched between Open on Humidity Rise (Humidify) to Open on Humidity Fall (Dehumidify). The output is energized until the sensed humidity reaches the setpoint.

SETPOINT: The adjustable setpoint is the off point for either mode. The setpoint is adjustable by a knob over a 0-100% RH range. The differential between the on and off points is fixed at 5% RH.

INDICATORS: Power on is indicated by a red indicator. The output power is indicated by a green indicator.

HUMIDITY: 5 to 95% RH, non condensing.

ENCLOSURE SEALING: NEMA 1 enclosure, not sealed to moisture. Control, and sensor, must be protected from chemical or water sprays.

INPUT CONNECTION: Standard three wire NEMA 5-15P cordset.
INPUT POWER: 120 VAC, 15 A., 50/60 Hz.
OUTPUT CONNECTION: Integral NEMA 5-15R socket.
OUTPUT POWER: 120 VAC, 15 A., 1/2 Hp

EXTERNAL SENSOR: External sensor wiring is low voltage isolated signals.
Connections by standard RJ-12 crossover


Same as the RHC-1 except with the added feature of a 20 ft. remote sensor which is quite handy for those applications where sampling is necessary in a specific zone, or the area is inaccessible or for very small enclosures.

If the sensor is exposed to heavy spray or mist especially in the presence of hard or nutrient waters, in time the sensor may become contaminated. This is evident if readings are slow or unstable. The sensor may be submersed in alcohol or distilled water over night. Use a mild dish soap and rinsed well. Allowed to dry completely before use. For stubborn cases an ultrasonic jewelery cleaner with a mild detergent solution is often an effective method.
Do not mount sensor end up as water can collect and rest on sensor surface.
In some environments it is necessary to replace the sensor every year or two for optimum performance.

Yellow light flashing indicates a faulty connection between the controller and the sensor. Check for loose or oxidized connections. Use a high quality four wire twisted pair phone cord. This is the most common type however that is not always the case. If you hold the R-11 cord jacks end for end they will appear to match wire colors. We apply a dielectric compound to the cord ends to inhibit corrosion and you may want to do the same. This compound is readily available.

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After years of service your thermostat might need re-adjusting. It is not recommended to calibrate the humidistat. Call us if you feel your humidistat is not reading properly

Thermostat & Humidistat Calibration

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