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Cool and Dehumidify

  • CT-DH-3 Cooling and Dehumidify


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    While the CT-DH-3 has many applications, it was primarily developed for use with CO2 equipment and exhaust/ventilation fans. The left side (or equipment) outlets of the controller are normally "ON" until defeated when the right side outlets are activated. External coil sensors will allow for 3ºF temperature zone and a 5% humidity differential between the time that the fans come "ON" and then turn "OFF" again. When temperature or humidity rises above your dial set points, the right outlets will activate and the left outlets will deactivate. The right side outlets will remain “ON” until the temperature drops 3º and/or the humidity drops 5% below your set points. At which time, the right outlets will shut “OFF” and reactivate the left outlets.


    The diagram shows the CT-DH-3 coordinating the ventilation with the CO2 enrichment. The CT-DH-3 defeats the CO2 generator during an exhaust function. CO2 is immediately cycled to replenish when the ventilation is complete.
    The CT-DH-3 is installed for cooling and dehumidifying control. This unit may be used independently or with many other Green Air Products controls to create an integrated system. This diagram shows how to install the CT-DH-3 for exhaust fan control with synchronized CO2 enrichment. When the temperature or humidity raise above the predetermined setting, the CT-DH-3 initiates a venting cycle and CO2 generation is momentarily halted.


    Here the CT-DH-3 is the central coordinator for an automatic CO2 system using the SPC-1 monitor controller. The SPC-1 is like a thermostat for your CO2. Of course it is not a thermostat but it is as simple to use as that. Just set your desired CO2 level and there you have it. It's just that easy. The SPC-1 monitor uses infrared technology to turn CO2 equipment on and off based on a 20 ppm variable and not allow it to operate at night. In this diagram it is plugged into a CT-DH-3 atmospheric controller to coordinate with ventilation but you could just as well use it without the CT-DH-3 as a stand alone CO2 controller.


    pdf CT-DH-3 User manual lr 2016.pdf (389.3 KB)


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