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Atmospheric Controls

Green Air Products has designed a complete line of atmospheric controllers. They are designed to monitor temperature and humidity and operate fans, air conditioning, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and misting systems etc. Our controls are mounted in brush finish aluminum housings. Our atmospheric controllers are designed to easily plug into wall outlets or each other for easy installation. All controllers are fully assembled and ready to use and no hard wiring is required. We use only high quality UL listed components chosen to meet the specialized needs of a greenhouse or grow room climate. Most of our controllers are dual function and designed to work alone as an independent control or connect to other controls to simultaneously coordinate other functions. The following examples define only some of the operations and combination possible for synchronized control. Any of our many controllers can be interconnected with any others with no fear of equipment damage or malfunction. There is no wrong way only different ways. Feel free to experiment.


The majority of our products are custom made. Call us and tell us what you want your controller to do and we will make it.

All products manufactured in Oregon.

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