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    HAR-1 - $175
    HF-1 - $200
    HR-1 - $250
    IR-1 - $125
    IR-2 - $150

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    This power relay uses high amperage capacity contacts to transfer power to large fans, pumps or lighting systems requiring high voltage or amperage service. Prevents premature failure of equipment, timers or other switching controls due to excessive current draw. Allows switching of 240 VAC equipment with 115 VAC controls. Prevents equipment overheating due to insufficient power supply. Use the HAR-1 to operate 115 or 240 volt high draw equipment. Provides 30 amp switching capacity with 115 VAC trigger input from control device. Approved for indoor use only.

    Make certain power is disconnected at main breaker or service panel. Remove "Power In" junction box cover and slip power wire through wire clamp. Connect power wire from service to leads in junction box on "Power In" side of HAR-1 relay using wire nuts provided. Assure that wire nuts are twisted tightly and no bare wire is exposed. Attach power lead from equipment to the "Power Out" side in the same fashion and replace cover plates. Re-establish power from service and plug switching trigger pigtail into control device. Turn "On" power switch and unit is ready to operate.

    This diagram shows the HAR-1 relay being used to supply switched power to lighting equipment. The timer is used to trigger contact closure of HAR-1 to operate lighting during desired hours. When using 240 volt service, up to six 1000 watt ballast's could be switched.

    It can also be used for supplying power for large or multiple fan installations. The atmospheric controller CT-DH-1, 2 or 3 will trigger fan functions according to temperature and humidity conditions.


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