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  • IR-2 Interfacing Relay / Dual Power


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    The IR-2 provides the switching function to isolate two separate equipment controllers. The relay lets you function a single device with two independent controls and eliminates the possibility of power feedback. Plug the IR-2 control pigtails into each of the controllers you want to use to regulate your equipment. The center power pigtail operates the left outlet which is defeated when the control outlet is activated. Plug it into a timer or other control device or directly into wall receptacle. 

    Ventilation Control

    Ventilation characteristics vary during the year as seasons bring changes in temperature and humidity. During warm weather the thermostat and\or humidistat controller usually provides frequent enough air exchanges to maintain good air quality. In cooler weather this may not be the case and enclosed atmospheres could become stale or otherwise undesirable. A timed periodic exhaust cycle would insure ventilation regardless of atmospheric conditions. To have a synchronized system which provides both types of control automatically and simultaneously would be optimum. The timed sequence would maintain ventilation during normal conditions and the temperature and humidity sensors would intercede during extreme conditions. The IR-2 will coordinate these two control devices as well as override CO2 equipment during ventilation periods.



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