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Cool and Dehumidify

  • CT-DH-4 Cooling and Dehumidify


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    The CT-DH-4 is designed to be used with CO2 equipment, dehumidifiers, and exhaust fans. While it is similar to the CT-DH-3 it has the added feature of independent outlets for temperature and humidity control. It is ideally suited for use with dehumidifiers. Temperature above your set point will activate the right hand outlets and deactivate the bottom left "CO2" outlet. Humidity will activate the top left "Dehumidify" outlet.External coil sensor will allow a 3° temperature comfort zone and a 5% humidity (differential) between the time the equipment comes "On" and goes back "Off" again. Set the temperature and humidity to the desired settings. The CO2 outlet is normally in the "On" position and is able to activate CO2 equipment as needed. An optional photosensor will defeat CO2 enrichment during darkness hours. Intended for indoor use only. The CT-DH-4 operates on 120 Volts AC with 15 Amp max switching capacity.

    The CT-DH-4 is installed for cooling and dehumidifying control. This unit may be used independently or with many other Green Air Products controls to create an integrated system. In the diagram below we show how to install the CT-DH-4 for independent control of exhaust fans for cooling and a dehumidifier for removing unwanted humidity while synchronizing ventilation with CO2 enrichment. In this example we are demonstrating the CDMC-6 CO2 Monitor/Controller, however the SPC-1 model is also suitable. When the temperature exceeds the dial set points, the CT-DH-4 initiates a venting cycle and CO2 generation is temporarily defeated. The CDMC-6 is used to regulate CO2 production. In the event of an exhaust cycle the CDMC-6 will wait to replenish CO2 enrichment upon completion of the exhaust function. The CDMC-6 has a built in photo sensor that prevents CO2 operation during darkness periods. If you are using a CO2 controller that does not have a photosensor you can get that option built-in as a CT-DH-4P.

    The CO2 generator or emitter system is plugged into the CDMC-6 and the CDMC-6 is plugged into the bottom left CO2 outlet of the CT-DH-4. The dehumidifier is plugged into the top left "dehumidify" outlet. The exhaust fans are plugged into the right outlets.


    pdf CT-DH-4 User manual lr 2016.pdf (349.7 KB)


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